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Costa De La Luz Holidays

Summer Sun on the Spanish Coast

Atlantic Beach near Cadiz, Spain

Costa De La Luz – South East Coast of Spain

For tourists and holidaymakers who really do have their hearts set on a truly relaxing holiday then try Costa De La Luz, Spain’s best resort for peace and calm this summer. The reason Costa De La Luz holidays are so ideal for relaxation is that the place is largely unknown by the general masses of tourism. Families and couples are unsurprisingly the typical sort of tourists who enjoy the Spanish resort which lies close to the Portuguese border and has shores on the Atlantic Ocean.

Your flight will more than likely land at Jerez Airport, also known as La Parra Airport, but some people have been known to fly to San Pablo Airport which is a few miles north just outside of Seville. Whichever airport you land at your transfer shouldn’t take any longer than an hour, ensuring you are able to start enjoying Costa De La Luz holidays as swiftly as possible.

There is plenty of top quality accommodation for you to relax and feel comfortable in during your stay, with most places coming with a 2 to 4 star rating. Most accommodation is located close the Costa De La Luz beach scene which is good news, and the various hotels and apartments offer typical facilities and services that modern tourists have come to expect. Holiday villas are also available offering tourists the ideal way to relax and feel at home on Spain’s south coast.

There is a regular public bus service available to take you around the resort and along the coast to other places of interest. You will also find plenty of taxis to make journeys quicker, but ultimately more expensive.

Costa De La Luz – Sightseeing & Activities

Most of the time whilst you are on holiday in Costa De La Luz you will find yourself sprawled out on a sun lounger down at the beach soaking up the endless hours of sunshine that the coastal resort enjoys. There are plenty of options when you are looking to choose the right Costa De La Luz beach for you, but the most popular tends to be the Zahara de las Atunes, though all beaches in the region offer golden sands and crystal clear waters from the Atlantic Ocean. At the beaches you can expect to find a variety of water sports to enjoy also, such as surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Away from the beach you can relax with a couple of games of golf down at the local course which welcomes tourists, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Families tend to find the Donana National Park a particular treat as it is home to various wildlife, rare birds and beautiful and exotic flowers. Sightseeing is also great during holidays to Costa De La Cruz as there are many sites of historic ruins which date back to the era of the Roman Empire.

You will find plenty of shopping opportunities within Costa De La Cruz with places selling electrical goods, clothes, jewellery, perfumes and of course many souvenirs. If you get the chance to visit the city of Seville a few miles north then the shopping potential is greatly increased.

Costa De La Luz – Cuisine & Nightlife

There is plenty of fine cuisine to enjoy throughout Costa De La Luz with many restaurants based near the harbour offering great evening views to enjoy meals with. Spanish and seafood cuisine is particularly popular with locals and is certainly worth trying during your holiday. You will find British, Italian and Chinese restaurants on your holiday in Costa De La Cruz as the resort caters for all the possible tastes of tourists.

The nightlife on offer is very quiet because the general purpose of Costa De La Luz holidays is to relax during summer, although you will find a few bars expect them to not stay open too long. Aside from hotel entertainment and evening meals in restaurants the nightlife is very limited. Many people enjoy walking along the beach at sunset for a serene experience.

Costa De La Luz – Weather & Climate

The weather you will experience during Costa De La Luz holidays is fantastic and typical of top Spanish summer resorts. Summer is of course the ideal time to visit Costa De La Luz as the weather is at its finest. The hottest month of the year is August where you can expect the temperatures to regularly exceed 30°C. Though the days can seem almost too warm with endless hours of sun there is a slight breeze which comes from the Atlantic Ocean that is very welcoming.

Over winter things will not be as warm but they will rarely ever go lower than 10°C, there will still be around 6 hours of sunshine to enjoy during the day too. The most of the year’s rainfall will also come during winter, but it is rarely long and clears up well enough, which makes it the perfect place to avoid the cold winters in the UK.

Where is Costa de la Luz?

Take a look at this map of Costa de la Luz before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz Resort Guides

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