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Malaga Holidays

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Malaga cityscape, Spain

Malaga – South Coast of Spain

The fantastic laid back city of Malaga can be found within the Costa del Sol along Spain’s south coast. The very cultural city is a very popular tourist destination where all types of holidaymakers visit to enjoy its various splendours. Although having plenty of historical sites, Malaga also boasts great beaches with golden sands. Playa de las Acacias is arguably the regions best beach.

Malaga has its own Airport which means you can expect a very swift transfer time depending how far inside or outside of Malaga your accommodation is. You should try and make yourself as familiar as possible with your new surroundings as this can assist you when exploring later on your holiday.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from in Malaga such as apartments and hotels. The hotels in the region will range from 3 to 4 stars offering great services and facilities, likewise with the apartments that are available. The various locations of accommodation means you can choose to be in the middles of the city where it’s all going on, or if you prefer quieter surroundings then you might opt for the outer regions.

There is a reliable transport system available in Malaga with a bus service that will take you to neighbouring resorts within the Costa del Sol while the train service can take you as far as Seville, which is a great idea for a day trip.

Malaga – Fun & Activities

There are many beaches to choose from along the coast of Malaga where you can hire a sun lounger and enjoy the best hours of the sun and then take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea in the evening to cool down. You might want to experience something with a little more action and in that case you will find various water sports on offer along the beaches.

By simply walking through the city of Malaga you will appreciate the many historical and cultural aspects that can be found. The Cathedral of Malaga is an awesome structure that is a classic example of the Renaissance style from Spain’s history. You can admire the architecture from the outside and then head inside to appreciate the grand interior. Malaga is the birthplace of one of history’s greatest artists Pablo Picasso, so why not enjoy some of his original paintings by visiting the museum named after him.

The natural scenery and small villages around Malaga are worth exploring and by a simple walk or biking trip you can uncover some great views of the region as well as some quaint area’s that present honest Spanish life.

Golf is perhaps one of the biggest sports in Spain and various resorts offer great facilities so it will come as little surprise that you are able to grab a hole or two in Malaga. There are music and cinema festivals that find their way into Malaga over the summer which are well worth watching out for if you time your holiday right.

Shopping is an activity that can be thoroughly enjoyed in Malaga as the city has plenty of shops where you can buy designer clothes and jewellery as well as fine electronic goods. Of course there will be many customary souvenir outlets where you can pick up locally made crafts and leathers goods which are great for mementoes of your holiday. If you are ever north of the Alamada Principal there is a delightful market where you can also pick up great little gifts.

Malaga – Food & Nightlife

The city of Malaga is home to some fine cuisine in the various restaurants in and around the area. The city has many seafood restaurants which you will soon realise is the main type of dish available, though fear not because it isn’t the only food available. You will find popular dishes are served in Chinese and Italian restaurants. Those who prefer to stick to tried and tested British dishes will appreciate the food served in most of the hotels.

The nightlife in Malaga isn’t as lively as nearby resort such as Torremolinos but it still has a fantastic nightlife to offer. There are plenty of bars for tourists and locals to enjoy a nice wind down to busy days. There are also plenty of clubs to go to where you can dance well into the morning hours. It is this nightlife that draws the younger crowds of tourism. During summer you are likely to experience Flamenco shows that take place out in the streets and they provide a very Latin feel to your Malaga holiday.

Malaga – Weather Info

Malaga enjoys fantastic weather perhaps even the best that Spain has to offer, over summer you can expect temperature to be 28°C. The peak summer months will easily see temperatures that go over the 30°C mark, the best months for this are July and August and these months will also see the most sunshine. The average time of sun light during the day over summer in Malaga is 10 hours, during this time there will be little if any clouds so tourists can lose no time working on that tan.

Over winter things won’t be as great but will still be pretty good. January is known as the coldest month for Malaga but even then the temperature won’t fall below 17°C. As for sunshine each day the number of hours drops to around 6 which still means there is more than enough to enjoy for tourists who prefer escaping cold UK winters. The winter might see some rain but hardly any in all honesty because this coastal city has never suffered with a great amount of down pour.

Where is Malaga?

Take a look at this map of Malaga before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Malaga
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