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Sitges Holidays

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Coastline in Sitges, Costa Dorada - Spain

Sitges – North Eastern Coast of Spain

Sitges has a strong appeal to all forms of holidaymakers with families coming for the calm atmosphere’s during the day and very scenic surroundings, where as the younger crowds come to enjoy the many activities on offer during the day, and nearby Barcelona, and the great night scene on the evening. With plenty of great views both inside and outside of the resort you will enjoy spending time exploring the various scenic areas that bless this area of Spain. The beach along the coast has very fine sands and clear waters that are great for children to play in.

The transfer time from Barcelona Airport will be about one and half hours at the most it will be quicker depending on where about in Sitges you will be staying. Take the time to enjoy the many natural sights that bless the north eastern countryside of Spain.

There are many fine places to choose for accommodation throughout Sitges including many old and new hotels in the resort. The new hotels and apartments are all of a very high quality and offer the types of facilities that the modern tourist has come to expect.

Sitges – Fun & Activities

If spending all day working on your tan on the beach is the most appealing thing you look forward to on your holiday then you might want to take part in some of the water sports on offer around the beach area. The activities you can get involved with include surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, parasailing, beach volleyball, scuba diving, water skiing and jet skiing. Sailing and fishing are often enjoyed by some tourists also.

Back on the land you may choose to get involved with the many activities based throughout the resort like golf, bowling, cycling, tennis and rollerblading. Because the surrounding countryside is so scenic in Sitges many couples and families enjoy taking hikes through the hilled area just north of the resort. You can find a small museum which has a Picasso and a few el Greco’s.

With the city of Barcelona just up the road, in fact a mere 10 minute bus ride away, then you will have the chance to have a very fun shopping experience as you will find many top brand shops selling things like clothes, shoes and other accessories. You will also find many souvenir shops for family and friends back home.

Sitges – Food & Nightlife

There is plenty of fine cuisine to be found in and around Sitges and you are sure to find something to fit everyone’s tastes. The types of international dishes on offer come from British, American, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and seafood restaurants. Some of the restaurants are of a very high standard and despite being a little pricey are still very popular amongst tourists. If you are looking for a snack during the day there are plenty of cafes and fast food restaurants that will take good care of you.

Sitges though pleasant during the day and offers a relaxing atmosphere too, when the sun comes down and the bars open up offers a fantastic nightlife. Whilst starting your night in the bars you will get the opportunity to enjoy music with your drinks, the best place for this will be down by the seafront, after that you’ll want to aim for the nightclubs that will go on well into the morning as the sun comes back round.

Sitges – Weather Info

You can expect around 10 hours of sunshine during the day and an average as a high 30°C but not lower than 20°C over the peak summer period in Sitges which comes during the months of July and August. With weather like this it isn’t much of a mystery as to why this resort is an extremely popular one. The coastal location offers a cool breeze that can be ideal at times when the heat gets a bit much.

Over the winter you can of course expect the temperature to half, as well as the number of hours of sunshine. This time of year will see a little rain as well but because of the humid temperatures you can expect things to clear up fairly quickly. The start of the New Year will see temperatures begin to climb up once again, around late January.

Where is Sitges?

Take a look at this map of Sitges before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Sitges

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