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Madrid Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Madrid

Madrid cityscape, Spain

Madrid – Central Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is located in the heart of the country just north of the Iberian Peninsula. If you're thinking about booking a holiday to Madrid, you can expect to find plenty of culture and history waiting to be explored as well as many modern delights to see and do in Spain’s largest city. Madrid is a destination for anyone to come and enjoy as it offers so much both day and night there never seems to be a dull moment.

There will be a very swift transfer coming from Barajas International Airport which is located a matter of minutes away on the east side of the city. During your transfer you will enjoy the great mix of old architecture and new structures that can be found in various parts of Madrid.

You will find many fantastic places to stay in Madrid, some can be fairly expensive, and most of the hotels are rated 5 stars. You will find hotels located in different areas of the city so it might be wise to choose one closest to the attractions you most want to experience.

There is a very good public transport system in Madrid where you can get cheap trains and buses taking you all across the city in minutes. There is certainly plenty of things to do and many things to see so using the transport system is a great way to try and fit it all in.

Madrid – Fun & Activities

If you have planned a long weekend visit to Madrid you may find that it isn’t enough time to fit in all that the city has to offer.

Those interested in the culture and history of the town will want to go and see the many churches and monasteries in the city. There are excursions available that will take you to El Escorial to see a palace and a monastery as well as a fine art collection. The Valley of the Fallen has a very interesting carved mausoleum and the former capital of Spain Toledo is only a short distance away and it is full of beauty so much so that it is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site. There are numerous museums you can visit to gain a good understanding of Madrid and an insight to its importance, one worth noting is the Museo de la Ciudad.

There are plenty of events happening throughout the city, especially during the summer, you are well advised to take part and immerse yourself in the festivities. Circulo de Bellas Artes offers up a wide range of shows such as dance, art, music and films. Enjoy live Flamenco performances in Corral de la Moreria located in the very heart of Madrid.

A great place to enjoy the summer heat in Madrid is the huge public park. Stroll on El Retiro where you can take shade in the trees or lay in the field under the sun or just admire the fountains. Families tend to enjoy trips to Madrid’s zoo to see the endangered Pandas and pet the lemurs. Warner Bros. Movieworld theme park is another popular place for families and indeed other tourists.

Sports fans will enjoy the plethora of events that take place in the city also. There are 3 football teams that play in Spain’s top flight division the most notable of these is Real Madrid, the world’s most successful club team. Tours of the Santiago Bernabeu and the clubs own museum is definitely worth experiencing. The Madrid Open tennis tournament is held in May where the world’s top ranked players warm up for the French Open. You will be able to enjoy swimming, golf and even a spot of fishing.

The fine city of Madrid has plenty of designer boutiques full of brand name clothes known the world over. You can purchase expensive pieces of jewellery in the city also. A shopping trip in Madrid can be very good though very expensive at the same time. There are plenty of antique shops worth visiting before your finish your shopping spree.

Madrid – Food & Nightlife

Madrid is known as one of the world’s greatest cities so you can expect to be able to find a seat in a restaurant and be served world class cuisine on an evening. You find that there is an endless selection of restaurants and a variety of the finest dishes from all sorts of nations. The options for tourists include French, Moroccan, German, Italian, Russian, Cuban, Mexican and Chinese restaurants. There are also many fine seafood restaurants as well as places serving only local delicacies. These restaurants won’t generally open till after 8pm as evening activities tend to start a little later than other European cultures.

Spain’s largest city is always going to have a vibrant nightlife that is well worth experience, this is another area that may take a few experiences to try all that is on offer. You can choose from a wide variety of bars with live music to start your night off, or you can try a fine jazz club for a different experience. The night can go on well into the morning if you choose to visit one of the many clubs that each plays different types of music so that there is enough choice to suit everyone’s tastes. There are many concerts held in Madrid so it is a good idea to check what’s on before you visit as there might be something worth seeing.

Madrid - Weather Info

Madrid is one of the few Spanish destinations where the weather isn’t one of the main reasons to visit, but you can still expect a warm climate all year long.

Over summer you can expect the temperatures to reach as high as 30°C especially in the hotter months of July and August. The temperature can drop over summer though never going any lower than 15°C. Madrid is one of Europe’s sunniest cities enjoying more sunshine per day than most.

Over winter there can be some very cold days and snow is also known to fall, but frequent rainfall is probably the most disappointing aspect of Madrid during this time of the year. The temperatures can fall as low as 5°C though they can also reach up to 15°C which makes travelling during winter worthwhile.

Where is Madrid?

Take a look at this map of Madrid before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Madrid
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