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Seville Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Seville

Plaza de Espana - Spanish square in Sevilla, Seville, Spain

Seville – South of Spain

Seville is a unique city located in the south of Spain, and is considered to be the cultural and financial capital of the south. Seville has much to offer every type of tourist with plenty of sights to see and places to visit, weather to enjoy and an all round fun atmosphere, which is why Seville holidays attract people of all ages.

You will find that the transfer from San Pablo Airport is a very swift one, in fact only around 30 minutes or so dependent on to wherever your accommodation may be. The airport is just outside the city centre of Seville, which is ideal to get sorted quickly to enjoy your holiday straight away.

There are many hotels and apartments available in and around Seville such is the popularity of the area as a tourist destination. You can expect the city to provide accommodation more suited to those visiting on a budget as well as those looking for luxury hotels, the star rating throughout generally ranges from 2 to 5 stars.

Road safety is a good tip whilst visiting Seville because there is plenty of traffic running around the city. On the plus side this means you won’t have to wait long for a taxi should you need one, and the prices are quite reasonable too. There is a very reliable and constant bus service in the Seville. It also has a high speed train which will take you to the likes of Madrid in two and a half hours.

Seville – Fun & Activities

Without a beach you might have thought that Seville would be at a disadvantage against popular Spanish resorts, but that isn’t the case. If you want to work on your tan, then you can hang around poolside at your hotel.

Seville is also famous for the two football teams that are located in the area, Real Betis and of course Seville FC. It’s always worth catching a game just to experience the load and passionate atmosphere that is produced on a weekly basis.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that people decide to travel to Seville is because of the fantastic festival that takes place, Feria de Abril. It takes place after the Semana Santa which takes place during Easter week and full of eye catching precessions celebrating Catholicism. As a release the following week, Feria de Abril, a huge city wide party takes place with dancing and singing during the day in specially set up marquees. At around 8 the party really kicks in with fino, flamenco dancing, guitars and great Tapas for people to eat and drink long into the night.

There is plenty of historical building to see and walks to help you explore one of Spain’s most gifted area’s for being able to express the countries unique culture. The Cathedral of Seville, once the third largest in the world, along with La Giralda and the Real Alcazar are all buildings that are examples of exquisite historical architecture.

You can of course expect to find many modern shops around Seville where there will be plenty of designer labels available in various shopping outlets within the cities centre. You will be able to purchase things like clothes, paintings and sculptures, jewellery and electrical goods. You will also find plenty of souvenir shops to buy holiday mementos. If you fancy taking in a show there are some great theatres in Seville with great entertainment like flamenco shows worth seeing.

Seville – Food & Nightlife

Seville offers up some very fine dining and the options are well varied for the variety of tourist that visits the city. The type of fine international cuisine available comes in the form of British, Chinese and Italian restaurants. You will find there are plenty of Spanish restaurants of course, and there you can enjoy some fine seafood dishes that have been perfected throughout Spain served with the freshest ingredients.

The nightlife in Seville is another fine attraction to this great city where bars and clubs stay open well into the morning. River Guadalquivir and the Plaza San Salvador are top areas to head for to experience the electric nightlife in Seville, many of the clubs you will find won’t close until 10am.

Seville – Weather Info

As with most Spanish destinations you will find that Seville has very hot weather during the summer season. The peak summer months for weather are July and August, in which time you will experience temperatures that range between 19°C and 30°C. There might be a little bit of rain if you are unlucky, but it should clear up very quickly if this is the case.

Over the winter months the temperatures will be significantly colder though still quite mild with temperatures at times going as high as 16°C. The most rain will fall in these months also, and January will be the coldest month during this period. Temperatures will begin to climb once more around March and April.

Where is Seville?

Take a look at this map of Seville before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Seville
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