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Holidays in Sweden

Explore one of the Most Beautiful Countries

Wide view on the harbour in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden - A Fascinating European Gem

Sweden is a stunning country that is full of rich culture and history, offering something for all tastes and ages. A holiday in Sweden is the perfect way to discover the wide range of things to see and do in the country, with plenty of natural landscape, museums and historical monuments to explore. One of the most popular reasons to visit the country is to experience the contrast between modern, contemporary Sweden and the traditional side of the country. Whether you choose to head to the bright lights of Stockholm or to one of the many picturesque ski resorts, the country is diverse enough to ensure that everyone can find their ideal Swedish holiday experience. Accommodation in the country is also diverse with everything from a luxury 5* hotel to cosy bed and breakfasts, Sweden offers something for all budgets. For those that prefer a more private accommodation option, there are apartments and holiday cottages in Sweden to enjoy.

With fantastic dining and nightlife amenities to enjoy, a holiday to Sweden is guaranteed to be a memorable break. Although the country is famed for its snow covered hills and quaint fishing villages there are also plenty of beaches to enjoy. If you are looking for a truly unique holiday experience this year make sure you take advantage of cheap holidays to Sweden.

Sweden - Sightseeing and Activities

Holidays in Sweden are a fantastic way to experience the wide variety of attractions on offer in this spectacular country. One of the most popular places to visit is the capital city, Stockholm. The city is very modern with a high tech feel, visitors to Stockholm can take in the many high class restaurants, nightclubs and shops that are available whilst taking in some of the cultural hot spots. One of the most unique aspects of Stockholm is that it is spread out across an archipelago of islands; many visitors take the opportunity to enjoy a boat cruise from the main islands to one of the beautiful offshore islands. Those looking for a more traditional Swedish experience can discover the beauty of the west coast of the country with a holiday to Sweden in one of the many small fishing villages. The west coast of Sweden is full of lush green scenery, majestic lakes and plenty of traditional houses and taverns. History lovers will appreciate a trip to the ancient Viking city of Uppsala where even the modern buildings date back to the 18th century. Family holidays in Sweden are perfect during the winter where a trip up North to Lapland is definitely recommended. Children can visit the home of Father Christmas whilst learning more about the traditional way of life of the local residents. There are plenty of sporting activities to enjoy including cycling, nature trails and of course, skiing. However you choose to spend your time you are guaranteed to have a truly memorable break in this spectacular European destination.

Sweden - Nightlife and Cuisine

One of the main reasons why so many people enjoyed holidays in Sweden in 2010 is the delicious cuisine that is on offer. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around the country that boast a wide range of Sweden’s most popular dishes. Typically, Swedish cuisine is both practical and simple to make however depending on where you stay you will experience different tastes. In the North of the country the main ingredient in most dishes is game meat including reindeer. Those staying in the South can enjoy the wide selection of fresh vegetable dishes. Some of the staple items on any traditional Swedish menu include meatballs served with gravy and delicious sweet tarts. There are influences of other European cuisines along with a wide range of international restaurants especially in Stockholm city. Those looking to sample the evening entertainment will love experiencing the wide selection of nightclubs and bars situated around the country during their holidays. Sweden is a vibrant destination with several areas offering late night discos and themed bars; Stockholm is the biggest area for evening entertainment along with Gothenburg and Malmo. Those looking for something more than just late night partying can visit one of the many open air venues that boast a wide array of performing arts events.

Sweden - Weather and Climate

Although Sweden is typically associated with snow and cold temperatures, the country actually offers a varied climate with hot summers. The hottest month is July where temperatures often reach the high temperatures, ideal for those enjoying a beach holiday. Sweden does have very cold winters with temperatures as low as -5°C during January. The ski resorts see heavy snowfall especially those situated in the North of the country. Stockholm is one of the warmest places in Sweden due to its location in relation to the Gulf Stream. Those enjoying a winter holiday in Sweden will be able to experience the stunning natural phenomenon known as the Polar Nights. During this time the country, along with the rest of Scandinavia is plunged into a period of nightfall.

Where is Sweden?

Take a look at this map of Sweden before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Sweden
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