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Holidays in Switzerland

Enjoy Fantastic Holidays in Switzerland

Matterhorn behind a beautiful lake in Switzerland

Switzerland - An Exciting European Destination

Switzerland is a European landlocked country that is ideal for anyone looking for a truly diverse destination for their next holiday. Holidays in Switzerland offers something for everyone with bustling cities and picturesque mountain ski resorts to explore during your stay. The country’s spectacular natural beauty is one of the main reasons why millions of tourists arrive there each year. From the stunning peaks of the Alps to the cultural delights of cities such as Zurich, everywhere you turn will unveil another facet to exciting Switzerland holidays. Accommodation in the country is varied with everything from picturesque ski chalets to luxury, world class Switzerland hotels to choose from during your stay. There is something to suit all travel budgets with hostels and even camp sites for those not looking to spend a fortune during their stay.

There is a wide range of exciting activities and attractions to enjoy during a holiday to Switzerland especially for adventurous travellers. Mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing and hiking are all popular choices with plenty of facilities around the country that offer lessons and equipment hire. The cities offer amazing shopping and dining options, again with something to suit all budgets.

Public transport within the country is very reliable with a network of trains that take tourists all around the many Swiss resorts. A tram service is available in many of the larger cities along with several bus routes and plenty of car hire companies for those looking to explore further afield during a holiday in Switzerland.

Switzerland is truly one of the most diverse countries in the world and it is no surprise that it is so popular with tourists wishing to escape the norm and enjoy an exciting break. With a wide range of cheap Switzerland holiday deals; there is no better time to experience this fascinating country.

Switzerland - Activities and Attractions

Switzerland is famous for its stunning scenery with mountains and lakes that look as though they have leaped off a postcard. The majority of people that arrive in the country to enjoy a Switzerland holiday are here to hit the ski slopes or simply explore this magnificent landscape. One of the most popular tourist spots is Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Central Europe and one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland. The lake itself is surrounded by thick forests and overlooked by snow capped mountains; those looking to stay close to the lake can choose one of the many lakeshore communities available. There are hundreds of idyllic chalets and hotels around the river banks that are especially popular with tourists due to their fantastic location. Another popular activity to enjoy during holidays in Switzerland is a cruise along one of the many rivers, the perfect opportunity to explore the spectacular scenery in style. The Rhone River is the perfect spot for this as it runs past some of the many historical sites in Switzerland including large stone castles, churches and traditional mountain villages.

Switzerland city breaks are also a great excuse to visit this exciting country with many large cities that offer a wide range of cultural attractions to enjoy. Geneva and Zurich are two of the most popular options for a city break both offering some of Europe’s most exciting artistic, historical and musical treasures. Those looking to learn more about Swiss culture and history will appreciate the many museums and galleries around the cities. The Swiss National Museum is a fantastic spot for a family day out which explores the history of Switzerland from prehistoric times to modern day. There are plenty of ancient relics and exhibitions on offer with the museum that offer insights into the many fascinating periods of Swiss history.

Many people enjoying a holiday in Switzerland look forward to exploring the many shopping attractions around the resorts. Switzerland is famous for cheese, chocolate, watches and of course Swiss Army Knives, items which can be found in abundance wherever you choose to visit during your Switzerland holidays. Expect to find a mixture of tourist shops and designer boutiques during a shopping trip in Switzerland, especially in the larger city areas. Those enjoying ski holidays in Switzerland will be able to find a wide range of specialised ski shops selling equipment and clothing.

Switzerland - Nightlife and Cuisine

Switzerland holidays would not be same without sampling some of the delicious local cuisine, whether you choose to enjoy a city break or an escape into the mountains you are guaranteed to come across some mouth-watering dishes and delicacies. Swiss cuisine is influenced heavily by its neighbouring countries with elements of French, German and Italian flavours in its staple dishes. Dairy products are extremely popular and can be found in many local dishes especially cheese, milk, butter and cream. Fresh salads and vegetables are common on any Swiss menu along with hearty meat dishes including locally produced salami and ham. There are many restaurants and cafes around the major tourist resorts that offer a range of cuisines from local food to international favourites.

Those looking for vibrant nightlife during a holiday to Switzerland will appreciate the atmosphere in the larger cities especially Zurich and the lesser known city of Berne. There are plenty of large nightclubs offering live music of all genres, world famous performers and dancing until the early hours. For those looking for something more relaxed there are many traditional bars, opera houses and cinemas for tourists to enjoy. One of Switzerland’s most famous attractions is its traditional folk music, in particular the art of Yodelling. In the mountain areas it is possible to enjoy live Yodelling performances, a fantastic way to become even more familiar with Swiss culture.

Switzerland - Weather and Climate

Switzerland holidays are ideal for those looking to enjoy a destination that is not completely dominated by the sun. Although the temperatures do often rise to around 26°C, this is the height of the summer temperatures therefore those looking to bask in the heat will find themselves disappointed. Switzerland holidays are however, ideal for those looking to explore their destination on foot whilst enjoying the comfortable alpine climate. Southern Switzerland sees the most sunshine whereas the northern, mountainous regions are cooler with clear skies and a heavy snowfall on the mountain areas. Rainfall is common especially during the spring months; it is advised to pack a wide variety of clothing options including waterproofs when enjoying a holiday to Switzerland as the weather can often be unpredictable. The most popular time to visit the country is during the summer for a city break however many tourists flock to the ski resorts each winter to take in the fantastic winter sport conditions.

Where is Switzerland?

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