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Three Saints Island and Bridge at East Coast of Taiwan

Taiwan - A Fantastic Island off the Coast China

Taiwan is an idyllic island situated off the coast of China and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Along with the many bustling cities, Taiwan also boasts beautiful countryside, majestic mountains and plenty of historical sites to explore. Some of the most popular places to enjoy a Taiwan holiday include the cities of Taipei, Hualien, Puli and Keelung, each of the cities offer a unique tourist experience from towering skyscrapers to ancient gold mines. Many believe that Taiwan is simply a crowded island dominated by technology which is evident when choosing to stay in a city such as Taipei during a holiday in Taiwan. However those choosing to stay in the mountain regions can enjoy discovering the many great beaches and national parks that the island offers.

Taiwan hotels range from budget motels to luxury complexes, in the major cities there are hundreds of different accommodation options so it is easy to find something to suit your needs. Many tourists choose to take advantage of the many camp sites around the countryside area, perfect for those wishing to explore Taiwan on a budget. A Taiwan break offers something for everyone whether you are looking to get away on a family holiday or enjoy a romantic break. With plenty of entertainment and leisure facilities to experience, a holiday in Taiwan is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Taiwan offers hot summer and mild winters, making it the perfect place to visit at any time of the year. With great Taiwan holiday deals available right now, make sure you experience exactly what makes this island so special.

Taiwan - Sightseeing and Attractions

There are so many options to choose from when deciding where to visit on a Taiwan holiday. Whether you prefer to spend your time exploring the streets of cities such as Taipei or discovering the more rural regions of the island, you can find the perfect place to enjoy the island. The east coast of Taiwan is home to some of the islands most idyllic landscapes including the famous Taroko Gorge which is simply breathtaking. Some of the most popular activities include hiking cycling and mountain climbing, ideal for those looking for active Taiwan holidays.

Taiwan is especially famous for its festivals which take place throughout the year celebrating the islands history and culture. Due to its close connection with China, many traditional Chinese festivals and celebrated by the Taiwanese, it is recommended to try and experience some of the festivities during a holiday in Taiwan. One of the most important festivals is Chinese New Year, a fifteen day celebration that offers fireworks, feasts and colourful street processions. The Mid-Autumn festival is another exciting event which sees hundreds of lanterns being lit and hung up around the shops and restaurants creating a magical atmosphere. Those looking to find out more about the traditional customs of the island will appreciate experiencing the Hungry Ghost Festival, during this time it is believed that ghosts roam around the island, to appease the spirits many Taiwanese people offer food and light paper lanterns for them. During this festival there are many traditional Chinese performances, opera and puppet shows to enjoy.

Another fantastic reason to enjoy a holiday in Taiwan is to explore the many night markets held in the open air. There are hundreds of vendors selling tourist souvenirs and local produce, ideal for picking up some gifts to take home. In the larger cities such as Taipei there are plenty of large department stores and designer boutiques that sell many well know labels. Getting around during Taiwan holidays is easy and convenient with buses, trams, trains and car hire companies available.

Taiwan - Nightlife and Cuisine

During holidays to Taiwan it is recommended to sample some of the delicious traditional cuisine, many of the staple dishes are derived from mainland Chinese cuisine however it is possible to find influences of cuisines from around the world. Some of the most common ingredients include eggs and seafood along with plenty fresh fruit and vegetables. There are many restaurants, cafes and fast food stalls around the cities that boast both local and international dishes and delicacies. Whatever your tastes, you are guaranteed to find something to suit all palates.

The nightlife in Taiwan is very diverse; depending on where you are staying you can find either large, bright nightclubs or traditional taverns and bars. The cities offer many contemporary bars and discos that stay open until the early hours; the legal drinking age in Taiwan is 18 and any minors caught drinking face large fines. One of the most popular beverages is Kaoliant, very strong liquor that is typically drunk straight after a meal. Visitors can also find many local variations of wine and beers, ideal for enjoying an evening during a holiday in Taiwan.

Taiwan - Weather and Climate

Taiwan has a typically tropical climate with mild winters and very hot summers; temperatures tend to reach the high thirties from June to September which is the busiest time on the island. Those looking to avoid the heat should avoid this peak time and enjoy the island in the spring or winter months. There is a chance of typhoons hitting the island therefore it is important to take notice of any weather warnings before you travel. During typhoon season the east coast is usually the area most affected. The mountain regions are cooler with a chance of snow in the highest points; anyone visiting these areas is advised to pack warm clothing and waterproofs for their Taiwan holiday.

Where is Taiwan?

Take a look at this map of Taiwan before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Taiwan
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