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Alanya Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Alanya

Beautiful blue sea and yacht near Alanya, Turkey

Alanya - Turkey's South coast

Looking for some thrills? Take a look at our holidays in Alanya. We have some great holiday deals. Alanya is one of Turkey’s main resorts of the south coast offering you the getaway of a lifetime. Alanya beaches can easily be distinguished by the younger crowd however this does not mean that sightseers are not welcome – to the contrary. Alanya is world renowned not only because of its fine golden sands and crystal clear water. You can absorb the beautiful scenery around you as you lie relaxing on the beach and Alanya beaches are without a doubt some of the most stunning.

We think that Holidays in Alanya offer great value for money. Your cash will go much further in Turkey than it does in most other holiday destinations, particularly those in the euro zone. This is clearly a significant contributor to the popularity of Alanya’s tourism. Holidays in Alanya are very popular with clients operating to a tight budget.

This means that holidays to Alanya won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. The hotels in Alanya are generally well kept and range from 2-4 stars. If you’re coming in by plane than expect a 2 hour drive to the beach but don’t forget that it will be well worth it.

When you finally get there and see that distant horizon, a bright red glowing sun and a sunset to remember for life, you will remember why you chose Alanya. That holiday budget really does go further in Alanya. Cheap holidays in Alanya are both affordable and exciting but do not take our word for it, read on and find out what distinguishes this resort from all the rest.

Take in the Sights on Your Holidays in Alanya

You will be spoilt for choice on your Holidays in Alanya. The resort has a number of beaches. Cleopatra beach (also known as Damlatas beach) is very popular. Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed at the base of the cliff daily. The water deepens here quite quickly and so if you have small children one of the other beaches may be preferable. Both the Eastern beach and Incekum beach are more child friendly. Ulas beach has great facilities, with barbeque grills and public toilets, it makes the perfect location for a picnic. Holidays in Alanya are perfect for those with small children to consider.

Take time to explore on your holidays in Alanya. Whilst Alanya is a well planned holiday resort, the old town has not lost any of the charm. As with much of this coastline in this region, it is simply immersed in history. There are hills to climb, castles to see and trials to discover. Alanya is rich with history, culture and personality that will leave you wanting more and more. Sight seeing is a popular pastime for visitors on their holidays in Alanya.

One of the great things about holidays in Alanya is that the resort caters for many different lifestyles, whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends simply out to have a great time. There is a huge choice of excursions. Visit the beautiful Dimcay River, a popular picnic area and location for mountain biking and trekking.

One of the attractions we would recommend whilst on your holidays in Alanya are the Damlatas Caves. The rock features are fascinating with stalactite and stalagmites rock formations formed 15 thousand years ago. The air in the caves is regarded as beneficial for asthmatics and other chest problems.

Take a boat trip while on your holidays in Alanya. There is a choice of boating excursions that leave from the harbour. You can take a boat trip to visit the ”Lovers Cave” where pirates apparently imprisoned their female captives! If the kids get bored there is always the water park.

Holidays in Alanya are popular because regardless of your age, sex or hobbies, Alanya holidays will cater for you. Perhaps you’re the athletic type and want to play beach volley ball or maybe try surfing? The beaches in Alanya are a great surf spot, especially for beginners. Other water sports are popular including windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing and plenty more. When it comes to water activities, you name it and your Alanya holidays got it! With tons to discover holidays in Alanya will keep you coming back year after year.

Explore the Restaurants on Offer in Alanya

Holidays in Alanya are associated with great food. This is something we can all appreciate. No matter what your preferences and taste, you’ll find something to fit your comfort with their enormous selection of Turkish, Italian and British cuisines. If you want to see live entertainment in a casual setting than why not visit a local bar? Maybe go browse the shops after dinner, afterall Alanya is known for it’s clothing, leatherware, jewellery and amazing souvenirs. Getting around is also very easy using the bus system, which is both punctual and prompt getting you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.

Alanya Weather and Climate

You can expect 12 hours of pure sunshine on your holidays in Alanya with a soothing Mediterranean climate. The temperature in Alanya is typical for the region, averaging at around 27C and peaking above this during August. Winter is a different story though, the region cools significantly. The average temperature drops to about 12 degrees Celsius and it tends to get quite windy. Alanya’s weather and climate make it a perfect summer holiday destination but the airport and the resort is open all year round.

Where is Alanya?

Take a look at this map of Alanya before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Alanya
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