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Bodrum Holidays

Holidays on the Turkish Coast

A yacht moored near Bodrum town, Turkey

Bodrum – West Coast of Turkey

Bodrum holidays are perfect for just about anybody as they provide so much to see and do both day and night. The coastal resort offers great variety in all areas but most tourists share the common interest in the town’s beach which has pale sands and a warm shore.

You will most likely find yourself landing at Milas-Bodrum Airport which has a transfer time to Bodrum itself of around and hour. Take the opportunity of a long ride to admire the beautiful natural scenery which the Turkish countryside is blessed with at the beginning of your Bodrum holidays.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from for your Bodrum holidays ranging from luxury hotels and budget apartments. You will find the perfect Bodrum hotel is on offer for you no matter what your requirements as all offer typical service and facilities. The apartments available for those wanting to go self catering are equally ideal for low cost stay.

Public transport is available with buses running regularly during the day going all around the town. Taxis are also present in Bodrum making travel a little bit quicker.

Bodrum – Fun & Activities

There is plenty for you to get up to on Bodrum holidays, which is why its popularity is so diverse. The beach in Bodrum is typically popular as it offers the ideal setting to relax and soak up the hours of fantastic weather courtesy of the clear blue skies. Other than just taking it easy and relaxing with friends or family you can try out one of the fantastic waters ports which are available along the beach, such as windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing. Boat trips are also popular as you are able to visit nearby islands for a day, going to places like Rhodes and Kos.

The town of Bodrum itself is steeped in history and culture which simply must be explored during your time there. Visit St. Peters Castle to appreciate some of the town’s history or head over to the archaeological museum and learn of the many artefacts found in the region.

Shopping is always popular no matter where you go and Bodrum holidays are no exception. There are plenty of shops and stalls around the town selling handmade crafts and other souvenirs which are worth picking up, but there are also many shops selling designer clothes and shoes that you might be interested visiting.

Bodrum – Food & Nightlife

Bodrum holidays are perfect if you are looking to enjoy some fantastic traditional Turkish cuisine this summer, whether you are eating at your hotel or in one of the fine restaurants around town on an evening. Aside from all the Turkish food on offer there are plenty of other restaurants serving popular international dishes such as Italian restaurants and seafood restaurants.

The fine nightlife available on Bodrum holidays is testament to the town’s great diversity and appeal to tourists. There are plenty of bars serving cocktails and playing music, many of which are found along the beach front providing fantastic views on an evening. If you are looking to enjoy a late night there are various clubs and discos to head down to.

Bodrum - Weather Info

Bodrum holidays are absolutely ideal for this summer as it offers great variety to tourists but more importantly great weather. Over summer you can enjoy 12 hours of sun each day, which leaves you plenty of time to work on your tan. August is the hottest month in Bodrum during which time you will experience temperatures as high as 35°C. During you holiday you will be unlucky to experience any rain over summer.

Over the winter period the weather will remain quite warm with the temperature rarely dropping below 10°C. The hours of sunshine will drop to around 5 hours a day, which is still very good. As spring comes around the temperature will steadily begin to rise once again in anticipation of summer. Most of the rain will come during winter though but it rarely lasts too long and always tends to clear up quickly.

Where is Bodrum?

Take a look at this map of Bodrum before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Bodrum

Bodrum Resort Guides

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