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Bitez Holidays

Enjoy this Summer in Turkey


Bitez – South West Region of Turkey

Enjoy a scenic Bitez holiday this year in the fun filled Bodrum region along the western coast of Turkey. Holidays in Bitez are ideal if you are looking to relax in a quiet and quaint resort where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the lively nearby town of Bodrum, whilst still keeping it in touching distance if you are looking for some entertainment. There is a large beach to enjoy the best part of summer days with enough room for everyone.

You can expect to land at Bodrum-Imsik Airport and you transfer to be around an hour long. During this time you will be able to enjoy the natural scenery which blesses much of the Turkish landscape.

The accommodation available on Bitez holidays is very good offering safe and comfortable rooms for all tourists, however, families and couples do tend to be the main travellers. Most of the accommodation on offer is self catering with many choosing to stay in a Bitez villa.

There is a minibus which travels between nearby resorts, including Bodrum. Taxis are also readily available but will of course be a little more expensive.

Bitez – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach is certainly to place to be on Bitez holidays where the sun shines all day long on the golden sands. Either pull up a sun lounger and relax or try out one of the many waters sports including jet skiing, water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Away from the beach on your holidays to Bitez you can enjoy one of the many excursions available too. Take a boat ride along the coast or over to one of the Greek Islands like Kos and Rhodes for a day.

Spend the day in Bodrum where there is plenty going on and plenty to see such as the Castle of St. Peter. A short journey outside of Bitez you will find the Dedeman Water Park which is very popular with tourists also.

Shopping in Bitez is limited with mainly places offering food and similar things from the various supermarkets. If you are looking to pick up some clothes, jewellery or perfumes then Bodrum town is probably going to be your best option.

Bitez – Cuisine & Nightlife

Most people enjoying a Bitez holiday will be self catering which means that the various supermarkets selling groceries and internationally known brand foods will come in handy. Of course this doesn’t mean that you are limited to your own cooking because there are plenty of restaurants to choose from on an evening. Select from one of the fine British, Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Mexican restaurants that come be found around the town.

Holidays in Bitez are fantastic if you are looking to relax day and night during you time away, though they are a few bars where you can enjoy a few drinks. Most of the evening entertainment will be found in the hotels in Bitez where they will be live shows on selected nights. If you are looking to enjoy a late night out on the town then your choice are either Bodrum or Gumbet where clubs will be open to offer you the chance to stay out into the early hours of the morning.

Bitez - Weather & Climate

The weather in Bitez is typically fantastic for the southern regions of Turkey, you can expect there to be over 300 days of fantastic sunshine. The summer is the best time to enjoy holidays in Bitez as the hottest month August enjoys high temperatures of 35°C and 12 hours of sunshine to help you work on the perfect tan. Many people agree that the coastal is ideal for keeping things cool to avoid getting too hot.

Bitez holidays are perfect all year long as winter also enjoy great weather with the temperature staying well over 10°C. This great winter weather makes Bitez the ideal place to escape the cold and wet winters of the UK. When spring comes back around the higher temperatures return with many people seeing Easter as the ideal opportunity to take a break.

Where is Bitez?

Take a look at this map of Bitez before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Bitez

Other Holiday Resorts in Bodrum

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