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Calis Holidays

Summers on the Turkish Coast

Calis Beach, Turkey - A beach resort on the mediterranean near Fethiye

Calis – North Along the Coast from Fethiye City

Calis is the ideal resort where families and couples can lay back and relax for couples of weeks under the hot Mediterranean sun in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Many do come to enjoy a Calis beach holiday but that isn’t the only reason as the surrounding area has much natural beauty for tourists to explore.

You journey to enjoying Calis holidays will begin when you land at either Dalaman or Antalya Airport, with the difference been that Dalaman is much closer though Antalya has more flights going there. Regardless of where you will be transferring from you will be able to pass the time by viewing the great natural beauty of Turkey.

There is plenty of great accommodation on offer in Calis which should suit each and every tourists wishing to holiday in the coastal resort. If you are coming away on a budget then choose from the low cost Calis apartments around the resort which provide great self catering facilities for guests. If you are looking to go all inclusive this year then there are plenty of fine hotels around Calis rated between 2 to 4 stars. If you want to relax in isolation then you might want to consider Calis villas where you can feel at home straight away.

You will find a regular bus service on Calis holidays which will take you around the resort and to other nearby, including Fethiye. Taxis and hire cars are also available for quicker transport.

Calis – Sightseeing & Activities

As previously mentioned many people come to enjoy a Calis beach holiday, and why not when there is a huge stretch of beach to choose from when you want to lay back relax and work on a glorious summer tan. Aside from soaking up the sun you could enjoy one of the many water sports which are on offer at the beach, including scuba diving, water skiing and jet skiing. Boat trips are also popular where people can be introduced to the wonderful marine life of the Mediterranean Sea.

Back on land you can get just as wet at the nearby water park which is very popular with tourists, families in particular. Horse riding is also available for both experts and beginners to have a try of. Why not enjoy a bit tradition on Calis holidays by taking a Turkish bath followed by a sensual massage. Many people just find that adventurous walks out into the Turkish countryside can provide plenty of entertainment including breathtaking views.

There are options available on Calis holidays for an enjoyable shopping experience. Around the resort you will find various shops selling clothes and fine souvenirs, though if you are looking for more extensive options then a trip to Fethiye might be what you need.

Calis – Cuisine & Nightlife

There is plenty of option when it comes to eating on Calis holidays for both day and night. There are various cafes open during the day which can be the great way to start your day with the likes of an English breakfast. On an evening you will be able to select from popular international dishes in the British, Italian, Turkish, Indian and Chinese restaurants. The food in hotels tends to be varied to appease all guests and those on self catering deals will find many supermarkets to pick up groceries from international brands.

The nightlife in Calis is somewhat muted which is why the resort is popular with families and couples as they come to relax. The evenings tend to be fairly quiet but there are some options for those looking to enjoy a lively night. A few bars can be found serving cocktails and playing music till late. Hotels provide entertainment for guests with the theme generally family based.

Calis - Weather & Climate

Based in the southern regions of Turkey as well as having shores on the Mediterranean Sea means that you can expect some very good weather whilst enjoying Calis holidays. The summer season is the most popular time to visit Calis. The hottest summer month is August when the sunshine will last for 12 hours a day coupled with temperatures well exceeding 30°C.

Winter remains very nice as the temperature rarely ever drop below 10°C which makes Calis a great place to visit anytime of the year. Enjoy 5 hours of sunshine a day over winter, which is sometime better than what the UK experiences over summer! Rain is infrequent and rarely last long.

Where is Calis?

Take a look at this map of Calis before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Calis
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