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Fethiye Holidays

Relax in the Beauty of Fethiye

A bird's eye view of Olu Deniz in Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye – South Eastern Coast of Turkey

The coast of Turkey is beautiful in most places but when you go on Fethiye holidays you can really submerge yourself in breathtaking scenery. The city is also a great place to learn about the country’s colourful history and sample its unique culture. Couples of all ages enjoy relaxing and exploring during their Fethiye travel, plus the sun and Calis beach make things that much more enjoyable.

Your transfer will come from Dalaman Airport and you can expect travel to take over an hour at least. Though this length may seem off putting it isn’t really that bad to most places in Europe, plus you can take in the magnificent scenery of the countryside on your way to Fethiye holidays.

The accommodation that is available throughout the resort should cover holidaymakers no matter what budget you may be travelling on. You can enjoy your Fethiye holidays with a stay in one of the luxury 4 star hotels available around the city which have excellent facilities and amenities. If you are holidaying on a budget then look at the great value apartment, Fethiye has everyone covered.

There is a regular bus service running through Fethiye with services going along the coast to other various resorts. Taxis, hire cars and bikes are another way to enjoy Fethiye travel. Taxi boats are a much more scenic and popular way to enjoy some exploration along the Turkish coast.

Fethiye – Sightseeing & Activities

The popular choice is to hop on a bus or, depended where your accommodation is, make the short journey to Calis beach where you can relax and soak up the endless hours of sun which Fethiye holidays are blessed with. Either pull up a sun lounger and take things easy or take advantage of one of the many water sports on offer, the choice is yours.

Away from the beach you can do a lot of sightseeing to discover much of the cities historical importance. Head out to places such as Karmilassos, Xanthos, Pinara and Tlos during your time in Fethiye. Guided tours are very enlightening to the way of life here many centuries ago.

If you are keen on exploring the region then jeep safaris up the mountainous landscape can unveil some picturesque views of the whole coast. Quick trips over to Dalaman give you the chance to see Turtle Beach. Many people take the time to walk around the fantastic countryside on their own accord on Fethiye holidays to make their own discoveries. Boat trips to the various Turkish and Greek Islands out in the Aegean Sea are also popular amongst tourists.

Shoppers will be very happy by what is on offer around the streets of Fethiye. The city has many designer boutiques selling clothes, jewellery and perfumes, not to mention many souvenirs.

Fethiye – Cuisine & Nightlife

Fethiye holidays offer up some fantastic cuisine for tourists to enjoy including various traditional dishes which are certainly something that you should try during your stay. During the day you will have your choice of cafes and fast food restaurants if you are looking to pick up a light bite during a busy day of Fethiye travel. On an evening you can choose from various cuisines including Turkish, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and seafood restaurants.

While Fethiye holidays aren’t what you would associate with lively and wild nights, there are still plenty of bars and pubs to choose from if you are looking to wind down the day with a cocktail or two. Many places offer a form of entertainment whether it is live music or karaoke. There are a few nightclubs to choose from too which allows holidaymakers to dance long into the morning.

Fethiye – Weather & Climate

The southern regions of Turkey enjoy fine weather all year long with the coast in particular having the best of it. Fethiye holidays are at their best during summer when you can enjoy the best of the heat. The hottest months to choose from for a holiday are in July and August when the average temperature during the day is 30°C. This fantastic weather is best enjoyed by t he pool or at the beach where you can rely on the 13 hours of sun to help you get a great summer tan.

Over the winter period the temperature won’t be a high but they will still remain at a great temperature to enjoy a late holiday. You can expect the temperature to not fall below 10°C during the day in the winter months offering plenty of sunshine. Many see Fethiye as a great place to avoid the chilly winter blues back home. Keep in mind that the most of the year’s rainfall comes in December and January, but even then the rain is never torrential and it is hardly ever enough to ruin a day in Fethiye.

Where is Fethiye?

Take a look at this map of Fethiye before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Fethiye

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