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Cheap Holidays to Marmaris

Come Alive At Night on a Holiday to Marmaris

The beautiful port of Marmaris in Turkey

Visiting the Lively Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris holidays are very popular and tend to get booked up quickly at the start of the year for the summer months. Marmaris is a very well-known city in Turkey, where you can find people from all walks of life visiting throughout the year. The city of Marmaris is located on the south western portion of Turkey and faces the Mediterranean Sea making it an ideal location for a sun drenched holiday. A close proximity to the Mediterranean has caused the city to develop a unique culture that puts travellers at ease as soon as they step out from the plane and if you intend to fly to Dalaman Airport then it is only a short haul flight from the UK.

Visiting Marmaris is an opportunity to mix with the local people and learn about its unique cultural heritage with the ancient ruins of Physkos, Saranda, Amos and Loryma nearby. Visit Caunos to see ancient tombs, have a mud bath and witness giant turtles roaming the waters. This can be done via an organised boat ride, from which you get lunch included in the price.

Boasting a long coastline, Marmaris is perfect for beach lovers who come here to experience the wonderful sun and surf. However, if you intend to spend quite some time on the beach, then it is advised that you get there early in order to get a good spot, as it tends to get a bit crowded.

There are a number of different resorts in this port/city, which gives the cash-strapped an opportunity to have a cheap holiday to Marmaris. With a range of 2 to 5 star hotels and some self-catering apartments spread across the city and you can take your pick according to your tastes and your budget.

Marmaris – Great for Water Sports and Sightseeing

Young woman enjoying a Turkish bath

British holidaymakers find cheap Marmaris holidays a great way to spend the summer. With offers available for daytrips and excursions, you can make a saving on couples and family tickets and really make the most of the numerous sightseeing trips on offer.

For those who want to lay back and relax, Marmaris offers a number of destinations like the Turkish baths that offer massages to soothe your body. Some other amenities for those that want a livelier holiday are party cruises. The best part about party cruises is that they have "stop-offs", where you can take a plunge in to the sea and have a nice time with other like-minded holidaymakers.

For the history fans amongst you, or for those who want to experience the diverse culture of Marmaris, you can visit the museum of Marmaris, which is located inside the castle. The castle also has six additional indoor areas, used to house archaeology and art. People who have come on holiday to Marmaris for a substantial amount of time, can fill their days with short trips to the neighbouring places like Rhodes and Dalyan.

Marmaris Nightlife

The beach at night in Marmaris

Tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to fine dining in Marmaris. Traditionally, Turkish food includes kebabs, pulses and rich flavoured local produce. A typical menu may offer cheese, eggs, tomatoes, yoghurt honey or meat for breakfast, a hearty meal of minced meat, vegetables and bulgar wheat for lunch and kofte and shish kebabs with pitta bread and various dips and pulses as accompaniment for dinner. Of course, Turkish delight is not to be missed for desert! There are also different restaurants that offer all types of cuisine like Chinese, Italian, Continental etc and a huge a number of roadside fast food kiosks that offer a taste of the local snacks. The local cuisine of Marmaris will appeal to your taste buds regardless of your origin and give you an insight into the enriching heritage of the region.

Marmaris holidays attract a huge number of young revellers, who come here to enjoy the nightlife. Like most cities, Marmaris never sleeps and the nightclubs stay open well into the morning. There are so many places to keep you entertained during the evenings in Marmaris, like the karaoke parlours, drag shows and most of the hotels have their own bars, complete with a dance floor and DJs playing songs long into the night. Head to Long Beach for beachside pubs and clubs, Bar Street for all night discos, or take a Moonlight Cruise, which offers drinks, dancing and food until 2am.

If you intend to have a romantic dinner with your beloved, the waterfront restaurants offer awesome food along with a quiet, picturesque setting. For the shopaholics there are number stores that offer jewellery, clothes, watches and gadgets at discounted rates. You can also bring back souvenirs and cherish the memories forever. The city is well connected by a bus network, so just hop onto a bus and get a tour of the city, whenever you want. If you want to visit Rhodes, try out the ferry trip as it provides a nice experience for the tourists – this is probably a trip to take if you have opted for a longer holiday.

Weather and Climate

Great weather on the beach in Marmaris

Marmaris is a sunbather’s paradise as it sees sunshine on 320 days of the year. The temperatures soar up during the summer months, but the cooling breeze of the Mediterranean sweeps the town and keeps the humidity in check. Holidaymakers can experience up to thirteen hours of pure sunshine during the summer months.

As the winter approaches, temperatures tend to lower slightly but you will still get as much as ten hours of sunshine. Even during the winter, the water remains warm, so you can still bathe in the sea and indulge in water sports. You will definitely return with a nice tan from your trip to Marmaris. The rainfall in Marmaris is infrequent and does not last long, so you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the day, just one of the many reasons that Marmaris holidays offer such a wonderful tourist experience.

Where is Marmaris?

Take a look at this map of Marmaris before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Marmaris

Other Holiday Resorts in Dalaman

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