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Istanbul Holidays

Submerge Yourself in a Unique City

Views of Istanbul, Turkey from Galata tower to Golden Horn

Istanbul – Northern Turkey

Istanbul is a beautiful city which is currently the largest within Europe, and is considered as one of three European capitals of culture. Istanbul holidays are ideal for all types of tourists as it is steeped in Turkey’s history having been the capital of the country during various Empires, as well as having a very modern side to it too. During holidays to Istanbul you can expect to enjoy the beach, the sun and plenty of historic and cultural fun. With so many regions and districts to Istanbul you will have plenty to see and do.

Your flight will land in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport in the southern area of the city. Your transfer can be arranged by coach or taxi before you arrive which is probably best if your Istanbul accommodation is in the northern areas of the city as it may take some time. Otherwise there is a metro that can take you into various areas in the old city which can be quick so long as you know where you’re going.

There is plenty if Istanbul accommodation to choose from within this huge city which should cater for all people and all budgets. Before choosing accommodation you may want to consider how close that puts you to the things you would most like to see and experience, for instance the Bosphorus area will put you close to the beach whereas the Sultanahmet area puts you close to the historic heart of Istanbul holidays. You can enjoy a stay in the various hostels around the city or stay in the luxury and reasonably priced Istanbul hotels that are available, all of which offering all the typical services and facilities that you would expect.

There are trams, buses and taxis that are readily available to take you right around this huge city so that you can try and cram as much sightseeing into one day as possible.

Istanbul – Fun & Activities

The historical nature of Istanbul holidays tend to be the key to why tourism is so popular here and on a simple walk around the old city you will uncover many buildings that have played their part in Turkey’s history. Places of particular interest that will certainly want to have crossed off during your holidays to Istanbul include the Blue Mosque, the Theodosian Wall, Ottoman Palace and the Basilica Cistern. These are but a few of the many historic elements of Istanbul which are great experiences, plus there are also many museums where you can learn of their significance.

The golden sands of the beaches are very popular during summer where you can expect to find various waters sports to try out. Most people just enjoy relaxing on the beach and looking out into the vast Black Sea. Cruises are popular taking you out into the Black Sea or through the Istanbul straight and over to the Princes’ Island.

Tours and walks are a great way to be shown the more beautiful parts of Istanbul with the various Mosques and monasteries that fill the city, but the most popular are the tours to Troy. These tours will also taking to more modern attractions showing people to the best places to eat, shop and where to go on an evening. Shopping on an Istanbul holiday can be very worthwhile as there are plenty of shops, stalls and markets selling great crafts and fantastic souvenirs which are ideal as gifts for family and friends back home. You will also come across plenty of great designer clothes and jewellery which is worth taking a look at too.

Istanbul – Food & Nightlife

During the day and your exploration of various areas of Istanbul you may have found a few great little places to go and eat, though even if you haven’t there are many fine restaurants that are easy to find. In most of the traditional Turkish restaurants you will be able to enjoy some fantastic traditional dishes and national delicacies such as kebab dishes. If you prefer some more familiar dining then you will have the choice of Italian, French, Indian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants during your holidays to Istanbul. Seafood is another option. Of course the famous sweet Turkish delight is a delicacy which is certainly great souvenir too.

There is plenty to do on an evening whether you want to head out to the bars and clubs which stay open long into the night offering a continuous flow of drinks and music. A much more cultural option would be to go witness or even take part in the various traditional festivals and dances. Boat parties are also another option.

Istanbul – Weather Info

Istanbul has a typical weather format with it been warm in summer and cold in winter. Over summer you can expect some really good weather which is best enjoy by the beach. The average temperature during the hottest months of July and August is around 24°C, though most days it will comfortably exceed that giving out 10 hours of sunshine a day. There is minimal rain over summer which makes it and even better time to enjoy Istanbul holidays.

Over winter the story changes as the temperature drop to a cold average of around 5°C. Rain will be more frequent and you can expect some snow too. This weather isn’t extreme in any sense so those looking for a weekend break should still certainly consider Istanbul holidays over winter. By around April as spring gets underway the temperature will once again start to rise high.

Where is Istanbul?

Take a look at this map of Istanbul before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Istanbul

Istanbul Resort Guides

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