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Old City Holidays

Exploring the Old City

Blue mosque in Sultanahmet, Old City - Istanbul, Turkey

Old City – Found within Turkey's Capital, Istanbul

Istanbul is the fifth largest city in the world, so it’s no surprise that it still has the remains of its past. The historic area of the Old City is found in Sultanahmet, notable for being the only peninsula in Istanbul. Old City holidays allow you to see and experience all that Istanbul, and indeed Turkey, was centred around. This historic and stunning centre piece is a great way to enjoy the fascinating Turkish culture. Those who enjoy sightseeing and discovery over summer will really appreciate Old City holidays.

Your flight will arrive at Ataturk International Airport before you head out on a short transfer to your accommodation. You can ride the coach to your hotel or hop on train into the Istanbul.

You will find plenty of fantastic accommodation within very close proximity, in fact walking distance, to fully enjoy Old City holidays. Throughout the city you will find comfortable and ideal accommodation close to the Old City and others in reasonable travelling distance. Choose from luxurious 5 star hotels which will provide you with fantastic services and facilities during you holiday. More reasonably priced and equally as impressive accommodation is found practically everywhere in the city. 3 star accommodations will offer you great amenities and facilities to enjoy memorable Old City holidays. Apartments and hostels are also located throughout the city for those looking to travel on a budget.

There is some great public service running through the city including buses and trains, which are more than enough to help you explore. Taxis are another option, although a little more expensive.

Old City – Sightseeing & Activities

On most summer trips the beach tends to be a big issue, but on Old City holidays it’s probably not top of the list. However, you will find a long golden beach by heading north till you reach Istanbul’s coast on the Black Sea. There you will find the perfect place to enjoy the great Turkish weather whilst relaxing on a sun lounger, or enjoy one of the various water sports on offer.

You can expect to find most of Istanbul’s most historic attractions within the Old City, all of them offering a unique charm and appeal. The Hagia Sophia is found in Sultanahmet Square and is a superb construction from the Roman era as well as a mark of their occupation here. Topkapi Palace is another very popular historic attraction for tourists on Old City holidays having been home to relics from various religions, whilst also been a marker for the Ottoman Empire. One of the most notable structures in the Old City is the Sultanahmet Mosque, aka the Blue Mosque. It stands tall close to the coast of the Sea of Marmara and is one cultural and historic building which is still in use today.

There are various museums in the Old City which help those who don’t know very much about the area gain some knowledge. Fascinating tours around the Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art can open your eyes to a whole new world of culture that you may never knew existed.

Shopping in the area is focused mainly around souvenirs, though you will find some compelling markets selling some locally made garments and crafts. Old City holidays are like a trip back in time.

Old City – Cuisine & Nightlife

Turkish cuisine is something that everybody looks forward too when visiting anywhere throughout the country and Old City holidays are no different. Enjoy fine traditional Turkish dishes in one of the many top restaurants on an evening to enjoy a tremendous experience. There will of course be plenty of places serving popular international cuisine throughout huge city of Istanbul, including Italian and Chinese. During the day you will find various quaint cafes that offer light bites whilst you are exploring the city. There are also many fast food chains present within Istanbul. Hotels are another place where you can enjoy a varied menu.

Nightlife in the Old City isn’t something you would particularly find, though in other areas of Istanbul there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs which are open throughout the year. The Galata Bridge is great place to enjoy a meal with views out onto the river on an evening as the lights of the city go on. Hotels are another place which offers evening entertainment, but you could also enjoy an evening in the theatre as Istanbul has a flourishing arts community.

Old City – Weather & Climate

Turkish weather is fantastic all year long, so there really isn’t a bad time to visit. Old City holidays aren’t overly dependent on the weather, but it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy sunny skies as you explore. Over summer you can enjoy around 10 hours of sunshine thanks to cloudless skies during the day. Temperatures during the hottest summer months of July and August will often climb as high as 30°C.

Autumn is remains quite warm with the days enjoy average temperatures around 20°C. Coming into winter the weather will deteriorate more so and you can expect most of the years rain to occur during this time. During the day will still offer some fine weather rarely dropping below 10°C. Spring will see the weather start to warm up quickly before the summer season. Easter breaks to the Old City are popular because the weather is good and the streets aren’t overrun by tourists.

Where is Old City?

Take a look at this map of Old City before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Old City
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