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A view of the Kas holiday region in Turkey

Kas - A Beautiful Resort on the South Coast of Turkey

Kas is a fantastic city resort on the very south of Turkey, with plenty of small beaches and traditional villages to explore it is one of the most popular Turkish resorts. Although the beaches are covered in rock instead of sand, they are still ideal for sunbathing and soaking up the hot sun during a holiday in Kas. Kas may not be as lively as some of the other popular Turkish holiday resorts however there are still activities and attractions to suit all tastes and budgets. Families, couples and travellers of all ages all flock to Kas’ sunny shores all through the year, with a desirable year round climate it is a fantastic spot to enjoy a winter break.

Accommodation in Kas is very diverse with something to suit all holiday budgets, hotels in Kas range from basic to luxury with plenty of city centre options for those looking to stay close to the action. Many of the hotels promote the calm, relaxing atmosphere that Kas is famed for, offering private beach areas and boutique styling’s that ensure that visitors can unwind and rejuvenate.

There are plenty of exciting things to see and do during a holiday to Kas including several sightseeing tours and a range of historical monuments to explore. The ancient amphitheatre and the Hoyran ruins are just two of the most popular tourist spots along with the many natural beauty spots along the coastline.

With something to suit everyone, Kas is one of the true Turkish delights that will offer a range of memorable holiday experiences. There are fantastic Kas holiday deals on offer right now, why wait to book your break?

Kas - Sightseeing and Activities

Kas is full of fantastic activities and attractions to enjoy including several that allow visitors to explore the rich culture and history of the resort. One of the most popular spots to visit during a Kas holiday is the ancient theatre and acropolis in the town centre, a tour around the ancient city of Phellos is also recommended and will open your eyes to the fascinating history of the city. Kas boasts a wide array of stunning natural landscapes that is just waiting to be explored. Whether you enjoy hiking, climbing or cycling there are routes around the city that offer some of the most amazing views in Turkey. The Saklikent gorge is always a great place to explore as is the isolated Kaputas beach which leads to the spectacular Blue Cave. The harbor in the city centre is one of the busiest places in Kas and is decorated with murals inspired by ancient local culture. The harbor also boasts a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and shops that look out over the Mediterranean Sea.

There are plenty of sports and leisure facilities situated close to the majority of the hotels in Kas including opportunities to experience scuba diving, truck safaris, and canyoning, kayaking and even para-gliding. The beaches also offer a wide range of facilities for all the family to enjoy including sailing trips around the secluded bay areas and snorkelling excursions, Kas is known as the ‘diving capital of the Mediterranean’ and is a fantastic spot to discover the underwater world.

Holidays in Kas are recommended to those wishing to learn more about the city’s vibrant culture. The 29th October is Republic Day and visitors can enjoy the many celebrations that take place in the town square. Shopping is another popular pastime during a Kas holiday with the usual array of gift shops situated in the city centre. Those hoping to pick up some local produce and souvenirs are advised to head to the Uzun Carsi, the most famous shopping street in Kas and home to many market stalls and shops. Every Friday there is an open air market in the city centre which sees hundreds of stall owners arriving in Kas to sell local crafts, food products and clothing, there are also plenty of street performers around the markets to ensure that your day is even more entertaining.

Getting around Kas is easy with minibuses, trains and car hire companies available around the city. The most common mode of transport is walking with the majority of the attractions all closely linked.

Kas - Nightlife and Cuisine

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to enjoy during a holiday in Kas, whether you intend on sampling some of the local cuisine or prefer to track down more familiar tastes there is something for everyone. Within the city centre there are plenty of high quality restaurants that offer something for all budgets, some of the staple ingredients include grilled meats, delicious stews, fresh garden produce and delicious rice. There are plenty of food stalls offering fresh Turkish kebabs and sweet pastries that are ideal for picking up during a stroll around the city. For those searching for more familiar tastes there are many cuisine options from around the world including British, Italian and Spanish restaurants.

There are plenty of bars and nightclubs to enjoy during a holiday in Kas, many of which stay open until the early hours. Many young people arrive on the shores of Kas to experience the nightlife with many famous clubs around the area. The holiday season in Kas begins in April and ends in late September with clubs closing after the visitor numbers have decreased. Kas holidays are also ideal for those looking for a relaxing evening experience with many small, intimate bars that overlook the beachfront. Turkish wines are delicious and suitable for all palates; Raki is another popular choice and is the national drink.

Kas - Weather and Climate

Turkey’s climate varies greatly dependant on where you travel, the further south you venture the higher the temperatures will be. As Kas is one of the most southerly resorts it sees some of the warmest temperatures, reaching up to the high thirties during the summer months. During July and August visitors can enjoy long hours of sunshine and clear skies, water temperatures tend to stay fairly warm therefore it is ideal for those hoping to take advantage of the many water sports on offer. The winters in the city are often mild, ideal for anyone looking to book a winter Kas city break. The evenings in Kas do tend to get fairly chilly; visitors are advised to pack warm clothing if visiting the city, especially outside of the peak Kas holiday season.

Where is Kas?

Take a look at this map of Kas before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kas
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