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Ireland Holidays

Enjoy Holidays in Ireland

Famous tourist attraction Dunluce Castle - County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ireland – Third Largest Island in Europe

Ireland holidays are the perfect idea for those looking for an adventurous and relaxing time away. The vast nation allows people to go exploring across the low lying hills, while others can enjoy the lively culture of Irish city life. Summer is the ideal time to head for the coast or go hiking through the vast countryside. During winter you could visit the streets of Dublin or Cork which are lit up, offering a warm atmosphere during the cold time of the year.

There are various airports which traffic international flights so you are more than able to reach your chosen destination with ease on Ireland holidays.

Of course if you spend time in the city on Ireland holidays then you are going to have some very luxurious options when considering accommodation. There will be a 5 star hotels on offer as well as some more reasonably priced 3 star places to stay too, both of which are offering fantastic facilities and amenities that you would expect from quality accommodation. If you are looking to stay close to outdoor attractions on Ireland holidays then you will find a lot more budget rooms are available. Hostels and B&B’s will be available as well as hotels. Barges can even be rented if you are looking to travel via river. No matter what accommodation you are interested to stay in, you will find it in Ireland.

Public transport is readily available in all, if not most, areas in the country. Taxis are just as easy to get a hold of too. Hiring a car is a good idea, but only if you are fairly familiar with the area you are staying in.

Ireland – Sightseeing & Activities

Ireland holidays are all about exploring something new and the options for you to do that are endless. The vast countryside is perhaps the biggest lure to tourists worldwide because there is a great amount to experience. With over 31 long distance footpaths you can find yourself seeing various breathtaking and picturesque settings on Ireland holidays. Why not head up to Irelands highest peak Carrauntoohil?

Whether you are heading to County Antrim, County Kerry or County Meath you are sure to encounter various forms of wildlife and great views. Alternatively you could always visit Killarney National Park in Kerry as there plenty of wildlife there.

Away from the natural side of Ireland you can always go exploring courtesy of city life. In places like Dublin, Cork and Galway you can enjoy all the typical attractions and activities that top European cities tends to offer. Visit the famed Guinness factory and see if you can pick up a free sample.

Shopping is something that you will certainly enjoy in the cities as there will be plenty of luxurious and high street shopping brands available in the various boutiques. In the more rural areas of Ireland you will find plenty of fine souvenirs and handmade crafts to pick up as mementoes of your holiday.

Ireland – Cuisine & Nightlife

For those who are familiar to British cuisine, that is certainly what you can expect to find in most areas on Ireland holidays. Many restaurants will offer a high quality meal where you can try out traditional Irish dishes. In the cities you will find restaurants focusing on Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisines for tourists to enjoy. Seafood is another popular form of cuisine throughout the country, especially along the coast. Various fast food outlets are available too if you are looking to pick up quick meals.

Nightlife in Ireland is very lively and very popular. Whether you find yourself in the city or in a rural town, you will find access to a bar or pub with Guinness being one drink always on tap. Ireland holidays wouldn’t be complete without a night out in a trademark Irish pub. In the cities the experience is much more European with a variety of nightclubs on offer to extend the fun of a night out with live music. Live theatre is also an option which many people prefer to take up, where you can fully submerge yourself in Irish culture.

Ireland – Weather & Climate

The weather in Ireland perhaps isn’t the biggest selling point, though summer does offer some very warm temperatures for those coming for an outdoor adventure. Enjoy Ireland holidays over summer and you can experience temperatures over 20°C. During July and August the temperatures are known to climb as high as 30°C during the days. This is great if you plan to enjoy much of your Ireland holidays in the great outdoors.

Autumn see’s the temperature drop, but this time of year gives Ireland a great natural glow. Winter is fairly chilly, though city life has plenty of to offer tourists. Enjoying the New Year’s festivities in Ireland is a great idea, especially in one of the country’s biggest cities. The weather will begin to pick up in spring, though for many looking for a quick weekend break the weather isn’t a major issue.

Where is Northern Ireland?

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Map of Northern Ireland

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