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Las Vegas – Nevada's Ultimate "Sin City"

Las Vegas is known all over the world for being the ultimate Sin City, a place that is renowned for gambling, bright lights and indulgence. Holidays in Las Vegas are especially popular with groups of single travelers, couples and of course stag and hen parties however there is much more to this exciting city than meets the eye. Located in the heart of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps with casinos, restaurants, nightclubs and bars that stay open all through the night. From world class sporting events to hiking excursions it is easier to list what you cannot do in Vegas that it is to list all of the opportunities on offer during a Las Vegas holiday. One of the most popular reasons to enjoy a Vegas break is to take advantage of the many wedding chapels around the city; thousands of people arrive in the city each year to get married in either a traditional or alternative fashion.

Las Vegas hotels are just as luxurious as the city itself with something to suit all budgets. The hotel room prices tend to fluctuate depending on if there are any events taking place at that time those looking to splurge on their Las Vegas city break will appreciate the facilities available at hotels such as Ceaser’s Palace where the rooms range from basic luxury to lavish suites. Budget travelers will be able to find a range of hotels to suit their price range, it is advised to travel to either end of the Las Vegas strip to find budget accommodation as those towards the centre tend to be the more expensive.

Las Vegas holidays are definitely one to remember with so many fantastic facilities and amenities on offer. Even if you do not wish to experience the fantastic casino’s there is so much more on offer that you can enjoy a different activity each day. With great Las Vegas holiday deals on offer at the moment, make sure you experience Sin City for yourself.

Las Vegas - Sightseeing and Attractions

When arriving in the city for a holiday in Las Vegas it is often hard to believe that it was once a deserted expanse of sand, nowadays everywhere you turn you are greeted by welcoming bright lights and music in a city that truly never sleeps. One of the most popular activities to enjoy during a Vegas break is of course, gambling. There are casinos of all shapes and sizes along the famous Las Vegas Strip offering every kind of gambling activity that you can think of. From slot machines to blackjack tables, you can find the perfect spot to have a flutter. Many of the larger casinos are attached to famous Las Vegas hotels, ideal for those looking to stay very close to the action.

Nature lovers will appreciate the amount of greenery around the city, even thought Las Vegas is situated in a desert landscape there are plenty of gardens, hiking trails and golf courses situated around the city for tourists to enjoy. Golf is one of the most popular tourist activities with plenty of courses designed to suit both beginners and professionals close to the Strip, perfect for those looking to fit in a few games during a holiday to Las Vegas. Adrenaline junkies will appreciate Las Vegas' theme parks with plenty of thrilling roller coasters and rides to enjoy, the city is home to America’s largest indoor rollercoaster, a must for any visitor enjoying a Las Vegas break. The famous Las Vegas Speedway is another fantastic activity open to tourists, take a hour long lesson and you will be zooming around the track in no time.

Many people arrive in Las Vegas to take advantage of the many shopping facilities that the city offers. From typical holiday souvenirs to designer boutiques there is nothing you cannot pick up during a shopping trip in Las Vegas. The majority of the retailers are open twenty four hours, ideal for shopaholics! Getting around the city is easy with the vast majority of the attractions situated on the long Vegas Strip, taxis are available along with car hire for those looking to explore further afield during a Las Vegas city break.

Las Vegas - Nightlife and Cuisine

One of the main attractions of a holiday to Las Vegas is the sheer amount of restaurants, cafes, buffets and fast food eateries on offer around the city. It is possible to be transported anywhere in the world through the vast amount of cuisines on offer, visitors can enjoy an authentic French dining experience one night before tucking in to a traditional American grill the day after. The most popular form of dining is ‘all you can eat buffets’ where you can help yourself to as much delicious food as you like, those looking for an extra special dining experience can head to one of the many first class restaurants around the strip to be wined and dined.

The nightlife in Las Vegas is one of the liveliest in the world with many claiming that it is hard to determine when the day ends and the night begins. Bars play music twenty four hours a day and offer a range of fantastic drinks offers. There are many large nightclubs along the Strip offering everything from world class DJ’s to live music. Adult entertainment venues are also fairly common and especially popular with those on Stag or Hen nights. Many people opt to catch a show during a Las Vegas holiday with plenty of famous artists taking up residencies in the major hotels and casinos along the strip. Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group are just two of the most popular options.

Las Vegas - Weather and Climate

Las Vegas has a fairly constant climate that ensures that holidays in Las Vegas can be taken at any time throughout the year. Due to the desert location it is very rare that the city is subjected to rainfall staying dry and hot even during the winter months. The hottest temperatures are found during the summer months especially July and August. Those looking to escape the peak of the heat are advised to enjoy Las Vegas city breaks during the winter or spring months.

Where is Las Vegas?

Take a look at this map of Las Vegas before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Las Vegas
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